September 30, 2020
According to his report The world, Rouen-Charles Nicolle University Hospital is today struggling to recover from a devastating ransomware attack that hit them almost a week ago. It is one of the largest hospitals in Northern France, with 2500 beds and 10000 staff, so the disorder affects many hundreds of people in need of help and care. Currently, the ransomware worm has spread to about six...
Prosecutors believe the woman died from delayed treatment after hackers attacked a hospital’s computers. It could be the first fatality from a ransomware attack.
Both Twitter and Facebook, confirmed that there is a possibility personal ones information millions of users have leaked malicious agents, from applications third parties. This information includes names, gender, emails, usernames and possibly the most recent tweets.
A huge cyber-attack has knocked out more than 2,000 websites - as well as the national TV station - in the country of Georgia.
On the 11th of February 2020, The Washington Post and German ZDF revealed that from 1970 onwards, intelligence agencies in the US and West Germany secretly owned a controlling stake in the Swiss firm, Crypto AG. The intelligence agencies proceeded to use the company’s encrypted communications equipment to spy on over 100 countries.