November 29, 2021
A huge cyber-attack has knocked out more than 2,000 websites - as well as the national TV station - in the country of Georgia.
On the 11th of February 2020, The Washington Post and German ZDF revealed that from 1970 onwards, intelligence agencies in the US and West Germany secretly owned a controlling stake in the Swiss firm, Crypto AG. The intelligence agencies proceeded to use the company’s encrypted communications equipment to spy on over 100 countries.
  The Internet of Things vendor confirmed that customer data was left unsecured on an Elasticsearch database. An exposed Elasticsearch database, owned by Internet of Things (IoT) company Wyze, was discovered leaking connected device information and emails of millions of customers. Wyze makes smart home cameras and connected devices like connected bulbs and plugs, which can be...
Hackers used unknowns, until recently, tools in order to spy on defense and aerospace agencies. The attacks started with phishing emails and social engineering and were very targeted. Her researchers McAfee spoke for the first time about this campaign, known as Operation North Star, a few months ago.
"Pegasus" gilt als einer der größten Überwachungsskandale unserer Zeit. Digitale Überwachung ist eine Gefahr - aber unausweichlich. Zu dieser Schlussfolgerung kommt Christopher Nehring in seiner Analyse.