The state of Michigan has introduced a bill to prevent employers from forcing their employees to accept microchip implants. The prospect of a company requiring employees to accept the implantation of a microchip monitoring under their skin, it could be a good idea if it was a movie script, which is not the case with the current reality.
Liberty, the human rights organisation, and Privacy International, today announced a joint legal action against MI5 following revelations the intelligence agency has systematically broken surveillance laws for years and kept it secret from the surveillance watchdog.
China has included the internet industry for the first time in an envisioned overhaul of its anti-monopoly laws, potentially giving regulators the power to rein in the country’s increasingly dominant technology giants.
Major automakers are moving full steam ahead with their plans to put self-driving cars on the road, even as lawmakers and regulators in Washington fall behind on creating a cybersecurity framework for those vehicles.